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Services Offered By A Roofing Company

Roofing Company Helena MT provides services that include roof repairs, inspections for homeowners, and insurance claims. They also may offer other home improvement services such as siding installation and interior remodeling.


Many different marketing strategies can help a Roofing Company find and keep customers. These can include traditional marketing methods like business cards and pamphlets, as well as digital options like a website and social media.

The roofing materials used in a project can have a significant impact on the price of the finished roof and how well it resists weathering. A plethora of options is available, so homeowners can choose the most appropriate material for their homes in terms of cost, longevity and aesthetics.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials because they offer a good balance of price and durability. They are also relatively easy to install, and can be re-shingled in case of damage or loss. In addition to being an affordable option, asphalt shingles are effective in hot climates and can help keep the home cooler.

Metal roofs are more expensive than shingle roofs, but they can last for decades with minimal maintenance and repair costs. Standing-seam metal roofs are durable and can be customized to fit the structure of a house. They are also resistant to fire, pests and wind. Some newer metal roofs mimic the appearance of shingle or shake roofs by using special color coatings.

Clay or concrete tiles provide a luxurious look for a roof, but they are also expensive and require expert installation. They are long-lasting, non-combustible and energy efficient, but they can be heavy and may need additional framing. These roofs are often preferred by Mediterranean, Mission and Southwestern styles of houses.

Flat roofing is a major challenge for roofers, as it requires an entirely different set of skills to properly install and maintain. Flat roofs are prone to leaking, and it is critical for homeowners to hire skilled roofers when they need their flat roof repaired or replaced.

Rolled roofing is the mainstay of low-slope residential roofs and outbuildings like sheds and garages, and can be applied with a torch or nails. It consists of long rolls of asphalt-impregnated material topped with mineral granules and typically lasts for 5 to 8 years before needing to be replaced.

A roofing company should be aware of the high upfront costs associated with some types of materials and seek to reduce these expenses through group purchasing, or by negotiating with distributors and manufacturers directly. This can save the company money and time, so it has more resources to put toward marketing and other operational costs. A qualified accountant can also help a roofing business determine its startup and operational costs before spending any money on equipment.

Roofing Installation

There are many different types of roofing systems, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. A qualified roofing company can help homeowners decide which system is best for them. They can also assist with the installation of the new roof and make repairs to existing roofing systems. Roofing companies can install shingle, tile, and metal roofing systems. Some can even work with flat roofing systems. They can also install seamless gutter projects.

Roofing contractors need to be licensed and insured. They should have general liability insurance to cover damage or injury to third parties and workers’ compensation insurance to protect themselves against injuries that may occur on the job. They should also obtain a business license, which is required in most states and provinces.

Choosing the right name is critical for roofing companies, as it sets the tone for how the company will be perceived by potential customers. A memorable, relevant name helps to build brand recognition and can help the business to stand out in a competitive market. In addition, the roofing contractor needs to have a website and social media pages to promote its services.

Another way for a roofing company to increase its customer base is by working with insurance companies, especially in storm-prone areas. This type of work typically involves using claims software such as Xactimate and can produce gross margins of up to 45% for residential roofing projects. However, the process can be complex and requires a lot of skill to navigate successfully.

In order to attract customers, a roofing company should develop a referral program that offers incentives for recommending its services. This could include discounts on future projects or a free roof inspection. The program should be promoted in a variety of ways, including through the local chamber of commerce, the local insurance agency, and online roofing referral websites.

Lastly, roofing contractors should be sure to attend industry events in their area to meet potential customers. Many of these events are sponsored by local associations, which provides an opportunity to network with peers and learn about the latest developments in the roofing industry.

Roofing Repair

Roof repairs are a vital service that help to preserve the strength of your home’s roof and prevent leaks. Roofing contractors can repair worn-out materials like shingles, tar paper, and flashing as well as seal cracks to keep out wind and water infiltration. They can also identify outlying areas that may be weakened and suggest ways to repair them before they lead to bigger problems.

A good roofing company has a variety of marketing tactics to get the word out about their services. They often use door-to-door marketing, canvassing neighborhoods after severe storms to visit homeowners and offer their services. They might leave behind fliers or cards with their contact information as well as offer free roof inspections. They also can turn their company vehicles into advertising with truck wraps that feature their name, phone number, and website address.

Roofing companies should carry general liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance to cover any injuries to themselves or their customers or damage to property during the course of a job. In addition, they should have professional liability insurance to protect their reputation in case of a lawsuit brought by a dissatisfied customer. In addition to their insurance, a roofing company should have a website with a free business listing on Google and other online directories.

Roofing Maintenance

Roofing companies offer a wide range of maintenance services for commercial and residential buildings. These include inspections, repair, and replacement of roof shingles, tiles, and other materials. They can also install and repair skylights, chimney flashing, vents, gutters, and downspouts. Roofing contractors are often trained to follow safety procedures and protocols to prevent falls, injuries, and accidents. They can use multi-layered approaches to fall prevention and protection, including personal protective equipment, training, and a strong emphasis on job site support.

The success of a roofing company depends on many factors, including marketing and sales, business management, and a reliable workforce. The entrepreneur must consider the type of roofing work they want to focus on, and find an efficient way to get jobs done. Often, roofing contractors do not have a lot of overhead costs, so their profits are higher. In addition, they can take advantage of a wide variety of online marketing tools to reach potential customers.

To attract new customers, a roofing company can promote its services using social media, business cards, and branded email blasts. Creating a website and registering for a Google business profile can also help to make the roofing company more visible in search results. Asking satisfied clients to post reviews on services like Yelp can help the business grow.

Another option for a roofing company is to canvass neighborhoods in areas that have recently experienced severe weather and offer to inspect roofs for damage. This is a time-consuming method, but it can pay off in the long run. Keeping records of past customers and showing “before and after” pictures of roofing projects can help convince potential clients that the company is capable of handling their needs.

Whether a roofing contractor is working with homeowners or insurance companies, they will need to understand the claims process and be proficient in estimating software such as Xactimate. Learning how to navigate the complexities of insurance claims can increase gross margins to as high as 45% for residential roofs. A roofing company should also look into opening a merchant account to accept credit and debit cards as a payment method.