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How a Staffing Agency Can Help Your Warehouse

Recruiting for warehouse positions can be time-consuming, but staffing agencies can take some of the burden off your business. Top temp services have detailed and extensive databases of qualified candidates ready to fill in all types of roles from lower level warehouse workers to higher up positions like liaisons or warehouse managers. Contact Manufacturing Staffing now!

Dedicated Staffing

Dedicated staffing involves finding employees who have the knowledge, skills, and talent to improve business value. It’s one of the most important aspects of human resources management, and it can help your company achieve success. Staffing agencies can help you find the perfect fit for your company by taking care of all the hiring and recruitment tasks, including interviewing candidates and screening them for specific job requirements.

Warehouses rely on several different types of workers, from pickers and packers to machine operators and maintenance workers. Choosing the right worker for each role can be time-consuming, but it’s also crucial to your warehouse’s productivity. Staffing agencies that specialize in warehouse positions understand your needs and have access to a larger pool of qualified applicants than you do.

Many warehouses struggle to keep up with staffing demands, and they often have a hard time filling temporary or seasonal work. Staffing agencies are a great solution for those situations, because they provide a flexible workforce that can meet your needs on a short-term basis. They can even find workers who can become permanent employees, giving you a way to test out potential workers before committing to them full-time.

The benefits of working with a warehouse staffing agency can be substantial for your company. They can take care of hiring and onboarding new workers, which can save you time and money. They can also provide workers’ compensation insurance and handle other labor-related issues. They can even take over payroll and tax paperwork, reducing your administrative burden.

A dedicated staffing agency can also save your business money on employee benefits, which can be a significant expense for warehouses. They can cover medical insurance, dental insurance, and even disability coverage for their employees. This can be a huge relief for warehouses that struggle to make ends meet, especially during economic uncertainty.

A staffing agency can also save your business money by reducing the need to advertise jobs and review resumes. They can also provide a more extensive network of workers and have the experience to quickly connect you with the best candidates for your job. They can even help you avoid costly mistakes by conducting background checks, checking references, and ensuring that the candidate meets your requirements.


A warehouse staffing agency has the ability to scale up or down its workforce based on a company’s current and future needs. This flexibility gives employers access to a supplemental team of workers that can help them get through busy seasons, handle seasonal volume peaks, or assist with special projects.

The best warehouse staffing agencies have a deep network of local workers ready to fill any number of temporary positions. The agencies know who the best candidates are and have already seen them work. This saves hiring managers time and effort, as well as money.

Staffing agencies also take care of benefits for their temporary employees, including workers’ compensation, disability insurance, and paid time off. This is a big burden taken off of the warehouse operation’s plate, and can significantly lower overall labor costs.

Additionally, a warehouse staffing agency can manage the administrative tasks associated with multiple temp workers. By utilizing job order management features built into the software, staffing agencies can provide a simple, user-friendly way for warehouse managers to track the hours worked by temp employees who are hired from different agencies. This eliminates confusion about who is working when and helps to ensure that overtime, breaks, and other labor compliance issues are accounted for.

Many warehouse operations also choose to use temp staffing as a way of testing out potential permanent hires. This allows a company to see how an employee will perform on the job and how they interact with other staff before making the commitment of hiring them full-time.

The standard hiring process for a new employee can be lengthy, especially in an environment with a tight talent pool. In contrast, a temporary employee can be brought on board in as little as a few days. This speed of hire can make a significant difference in warehouse productivity during peak periods or when an employee goes on vacation or sick leave. This efficiency is only possible when a warehouse staffing agency is in place.

Safety Training

The key to creating a strong warehouse safety culture is providing robust training that helps employees avoid common workplace hazards like forklift accidents, improper lifting, and slips and falls. Educating workers about the dangers of these risks, conducting regular inspections, and taking preventative measures can help reduce or eliminate workplace injuries.

Specialized staffing agencies like Front Line All Temps are able to provide companies with temporary workers who are already familiar with warehouse safety best practices and who prioritize safety in their work. However, the host company must still provide its own site- and job-specific safety training to its temporary employees.

In addition to offering comprehensive safety training for all new hires, it’s also important that the host employer create a system whereby employees can report any issues they may encounter on-the-job. This is important because it ensures that any potential hazards are reported promptly and that they can be addressed as soon as possible.

Good housekeeping is also essential in preventing slips, trips, and falls in the warehouse. To mitigate these risks, it’s a good idea to keep aisles and walkways clear of obstructions, use non-slip flooring, and mark any hazardous areas or equipment that could cause injury. It’s also helpful to provide workers with safety gear, such as steel-toed boots or shoes, earplugs or earmuffs to protect against noise exposure, protective eyewear to prevent contact with chemicals and harmful materials, and hard hats to protect against falling objects.

A strong warehouse safety program requires the commitment of everyone, not just the supervisors or managers. This is why it’s essential that all managers and supervisors be trained in identifying hazards in the workplace and how to respond to them appropriately. Employees should be encouraged to report any concerns they might have and to suggest ways to improve processes or protocols.

Investing in a strong warehouse safety program can yield substantial returns on investment, including reduced employee injuries and illnesses, regulatory compliance peace of mind, lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums, and a more productive workforce. Partnering with a staffing agency that provides quality, pre-screened workers and comprehensive safety training is an effective way to build a strong safety culture in the workplace.


Staffing agencies have a deep understanding of the warehouse industry. They know the skills that are required for different roles in a warehouse and can match candidates with a job description that will suit their needs. This helps them find qualified candidates in a shorter period of time and reduces the time spent hiring for permanent positions.

One of the main reasons companies choose to work with a staffing agency is to save money on hiring and training costs. Staffing agencies take care of all aspects of the hiring process, from advertising to screening and interviewing, which saves client companies money in the long run. Staffing agencies also provide a flexible workforce and can help clients meet fluctuating demands for labour.

In the rare case that a candidate doesn’t work out, staffing agencies are able to replace them with someone more suitable. This happens because staffing agencies have a stringent pre-screening and screening process that ensures the best candidates are placed with their clients.

Traveling warehouse teams are a great way to get experience in a variety of industries and company cultures. They are also a good option for employees who only want to work a few days a week or during the summer. Staffing agencies such as MADICORP, Capstone Logistics, and FHI have traveling warehouse teams that work for clients across the country to support warehouse and distribution center needs.

The best warehouse staffing agencies have a detailed and updated database of candidates that are skilled enough to fill various roles in the warehouse. They have a wide range of warehouse and supply chain candidates, from general labor to highly-skilled jobs. The staffing agency should be able to match the right candidate with the company’s needs, which is why it’s important to communicate clearly and regularly with your account manager.

Choosing the right staffing software is crucial for warehouse staffing agencies, as it allows them to automate critical tasks and improve everything from onboarding to timekeeping. WurkNow warehouse staffing software can make this process easier and faster for everyone involved, so you can focus on getting more business and helping your temporary workers find the right role.